Interac - Interac Online Payment

What if a consumer doesn't use online banking?

A consumer must be registered for online banking to use the Interac Online Payment service. If the consumer tries to use the Interac Online payment option but does not have access to online banking, the financial institution may give them the option to register for web banking right away. The consumer will always be provided a link back to your website, so if they decide not to register for online banking, you can let him or her checkout using another payment method.

Why does the consumer have to leave my website? What if they don't come back?

One of the main benefits of the Interac Online Payment is the separation of shopping and paying. The consumer is taken to his or her financial institution to make the payment so that he or she does not have to enter any account information on your website. Many studies show that consumers are concerned about sharing financial or account details with online merchants.

In the Interac Online Payment flow, the consumer's web browser is automatically directed back to your website once the payment is made. In the event that the consumer is unable to or decides not to authorize the payment in online banking, they are still returned to your website, allowing you to continue the checkout process using a different payment method.

How do I handle refunds?

Some acquirers and payment service providers support Interac Online Payment refund transactions. These allow you to initiate a credit which the customer will receive in the same bank account used for the original purchase. Alternately, you can provide refunds using other mechanisms (e.g. providing a store credit, or sending a cheque).

What is a chargeback?

In the credit card world, an authorized transaction can be reversed. This may happen, for example, when a fraudulent transaction has been charged against a customer's account, and the customer disputes the transaction. To avoid chargebacks, many merchants perform checks before accepting a transaction and refuse to accept it if suspicious. Sometimes blocked transactions are actually legitimate, and so this practice has the negative effect of preventing valid customers from completing their purchase. This type of chargeback does not occur with Interac Online Payment. The financial institution authorizes each payment, and guarantees payment to the merchant.

Is there a limit to how much I can spend?

Please contact your bank to inquire about your limits.

How much does it cost to use Interac Online?

Your Interac Online payment is handled by your Financial Institution, so fees, if any, would be levied by your Financial Institution. Contact your Financial Institution to inquire about any fees applicable to your Interac Online payment.

What if I don't have online banking?

It is easy to get access to online banking. Contact your bank or visit their website to inquire about signing up. Click here for a list of banks that offer the Interac Online Payment.

Who do I call if something goes wrong?

If you have questions or concerns about your online purchase, (e.g. about delivery time, shipping options, product information etc.) please contact the online retailer.

If you have questions or concerns about your Interac Online Payment (e.g. fees, limits, your account, processing times etc.) that cannot be answered by the online merchant, please contact your bank.

In a proven case of online fraud, you are protected by the 'Customer Services Rules', which ensure that your funds are returned to your bank account by your financial institution. More information about consumer protection is outlined in the Customer Commitment section.

I'm not sure if my payment was completed. How do I know?

If you reach the confirmation screen, and receive a confirmation number, you can be sure your payment was completed. If you confirmed your payment in online banking, but did not get redirected to a confirmation page at the online retailer website, then there was a technical problem.

One of two things may have happened:

  1. The online retailer received your payment but for some reason you were unable to see the confirmation page.
  2. The online retailer was not able to receive your payment.

You can often determine that it was case (1.) if the online retailer sends you a confirmation email, or allows you to check your order history on their website. In case (2.), the funds will be (in most cases) re-credited to your bank account within minutes.

If you are uncertain, contact the online retailer to ask whether your order has been processed.

What if I need to return my purchase? How do I get my money back?

It is important that you check each online retailer’s s return/refund policy prior to making your purchase. Some online retailers will process a refund where the funds are credited back to your bank account.

How can I protect myself against online fraud?

In a proven case of online fraud, you are protected by the 'Customer Services Rules', which ensure that your funds are returned to your bank account by your Financial Institution. These 'Rules' are based on the reputable Canadian Code of Practice for Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce. While we work with all stakeholders, as well as security experts, to maintain the ongoing security of our services, there are actions that you can take as well. You are encouraged to regularly check your bank statements to verify that all transactions have been properly documented. If entries do not accurately reflect transaction activities - for example, if there are missing or additional transactions you should immediately contact your Financial Institution.

Why doesn’t my co-badged card work with Interac Online?

A co-badged card is easily recognized by the logos on the bottom right corner. If you see the Interac logo along with the logo of a competing payment brand, you own a co-badged card.

While your co-badged debit card still enables you to use Interac Debit to shop at point-of-sale and access funds at ABMs, it now uses a competing network for online payments, instead of Interac Online. This was a decision made by your financial institution. As such, inquiries about the removal of Interac Online functionality should be directed to your financial institution.

You can learn more about co-badged cards here: