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Business Security is a Priority

Interac uses world-class security technology to keep businesses safe

We start with secure technology and ensure safe usage by educating consumers and businesses on how to use our tools.

Interac debit cards are protected from fraud tactics such as counterfeiting, transaction replay and card-not-present transactions, thanks in large part to chip technology.

Interac Flash® uses EMV secure chip processing to store and process data securely. This makes it nearly impossible to create counterfeit cards, and protects consumers against fraudulent activity, including skimming, transaction replay types of fraud, and tactics like electronic pickpocketing.

Interac Online is one of the safest ways to pay when shopping online. Merchants never have to handle personal financial information.

Interac e-Transfer® allows sending and receiving money in near real time, while keeping all personal and financial information private.

Mobile payments use touch ID and passcode verification to ensure only the customer can make a purchase using a mobile device. This also applies to in-app and in-browser purchases using Interac Debit.


Access powerful tools to secure your business at point of purchase.

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Leading innovation

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