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Secure Cross-Border Payments

Enjoy cross-border spending with the convenience of Interac Debit

When you’re in the U.S. ready to pump gas at a pitstop or pick up some snacks at the drugstore, and you see a debit terminal at checkout, you may very likely be able to pay with Interac® Debit. Cross Border payments allows you to securely use your debit card at approximately 2 million retailers in the U.S. 


  • All the benefits and security of Interac Debit
  • Cash back at supermarkets and some pharmacies

Use a Canadian debit card in the U.S. to shop conveniently and securely with your funds  – it’s all thanks to our collaboration with NYCE Payment Networks

Where can I shop with Interac Debit?

Shop conveniently at most of your favourite stores, gas stations and other retailers, and enjoy the benefits of using your debit card.

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Always innovating

We’ve been making strides in Canadians payment systems since the first Interac Debit transaction took place. What else have we been up to?

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Which banks and credit unions offer Interac Debit across the border?

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