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e-Transfer for Business

A powerful payment tool to send and request money in one easy-to-use system

Whether you have multiple employees to pay or a service to invoice, Interac e-Transfer® allows you to quickly and easily speed up the payment process.

The benefits of Interac e-Transfer for Business

  • Simplify your payroll and supplier payments.
  • Take more control over your cashflow thanks to real-time funds transfer.
  • Simplify invoicing and automate money request notifications to your customers.
  • Save time and cost.

Plus, with Interac e-Transfer features like Request Money and Autodeposit, you have added banking support.

How it works: Interac e-Transfer

  • All you need is the recipient’s mobile number or email.
  • Your money never travels by email, just the notifications and deposit instructions.
  • The sending bank or credit union communicates with the receiving institution to execute the transfer through established, secure processes.

It’s also simple to pay multiple recipients quickly and safely with Interac e-Transfer.

Bulk Disbursements

Bulk Disbursements allows you to make multiple payments at once via Interac e-Transfer to streamline your payroll and supplier payment system.

For more information, please contact your financial institution

Bulk Processing Services

It’s also simple to manage payments to and from multiple recipients quickly and safely with Interac e-Transfer Bulk processing services.

  • Comply with ISO 20022 global standards with rich remittance data, enabling interoperability for ease of integration between ERP systems/accounting applications.
  • Payments and payment requests are quick with no cut-off times for submission.
  • High volume and limits for commercial needs, allowing  up to 10,000 transactions per file with higher dollar value per transaction.

Bulk Payables

Interac e-Transfer Bulk Payables allows you to send payments to multiple recipients using an easy and secure file upload capability supporting commercial payments and high volume transactions.

For more information, please contact your financial institution:


Do even more with Bulk Receivables

Interac e-Transfer Bulk Receivables facilitates an easy way for your business to invoice your customers or clients in order to receive guaranteed funds while simplifying the process for anyone to transfer payments to your business.

For more information, please contact your financial institution:


Do even more with Request Money

  • Invoice your customers or clients.
  • Add an invoice number and due date for tracking in the comments field.
  • Schedule an automatic follow-up.
See how Tim the personal trainer bills Rob, his client.

Get paid without the hassle

Watch this easy how-to video for Interac e-Transfer Request Money.

Do even more with Autodeposit

  • Eliminate delays due to lack of internet access.
  • Eliminate the need to remember or safely share a password.
  • Quicker deposits mean less time worrying.
See how Ava the florist gets her money deposited right away.

Money deposited right into your account

Watch this easy how-to video for Interac e-Transfer Autodeposit.

How secure is Interac e-Transfer for Business?

There are multiple levels of security – from authentication and transaction encryption to proprietary risk management – making Interac e-Transfer a secure money transfer method globally.

Visit our Security is a Priority page for more information.

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