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Secure Online Payments for Businesses

Tools and tips to help your e-Commerce business thrive securely

As online commerce grows, so does the need for security. Interac continually evolves and provides e-Commerce businesses with the tools to safely stay ahead of the curve:

  • Dedicated Fraud Management Team to monitor fraudulent activity
  • Education to help merchants use and establish practices to fight online fraud

How to identify fraud

Keep an eye out for:

  • Activity linked to previously reported fraudulent transactions
  • Activity outside of expected patterns based on your normal business experience
  • Multiple purchases within a concentrated time period, often for larger than typical amounts
  • Multiple shipments to the same location or region that seem unusual
  • Multiple purchases using the same computer and IP address (or IP range) with different customer credentials
  • Requests to ship goods to P.O. Box addresses (you may wish to restrict shipments to street level as opposed to P.O. Box addresses)

How you can help keep your e-Commerce secure

Everyone plays a part in safe and secure payment. You should:

  • Have a risk management framework in place to promote awareness of the risks associated with online fraud
  • If you’re suspicious of a transaction, hold delivery of the goods or services until you’re satisfied the purchase isn’t fraudulent

What to do if you encounter fraud

If you do encounter a fraudulent transaction, forward the details to, including:

  • The transaction amount
  • The transaction date
  • The merchant name
  • Any other supporting information or evidence

Note: Promptly read any emails from Interac Debit for online payments Fraudulent Activity Information Report ( or fraud activity emails from your Acquirer/Payment Service Provider.

Fraudulent activity notifications will include the unique Primary Account Number (PAN) generated for each online transaction using Interac Debit, allowing you to match reported fraud with the original purchase on your system. Where a fraudulent activity notification has been provided prior to shipment of goods or delivery of services, the refund should be processed via the associated PAN. In cases where refunds to the PAN are not possible, we will coordinate the return of funds with your Acquirer/Payment Service Provider.