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Interac Debit Security

Pay at checkout with the comfort of best-in-class security

Use Interac® Debit confidently, knowing we’ve put the right security measures in place for your debit card:

And this applies to all Interac Debit-related products and services:

  • Chip and PIN
  • ABM Withdrawals
  • Contactless Payments
  • e-Commerce
  • Cross-Border Debit

Want to know more about EMV and the commitment your bank or credit union makes as an Interac debit card? View our Business Security page.

Transaction Limits

Discover more about transaction limits and how they protect you.

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Interac Zero Liability Policy

You are protected under the Interac Zero Liability Policy. Understand what that means.

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Safe usage tips

  1. Keep your banking information private.
  2. Protect your PIN. Select a unique Interac Debit PIN, memorize it and keep it confidential.
  3. When making an Interac Debit transaction, you should be the only one to insert your card into the point-of-sale terminal.
  4. Notify your bank or credit union immediately if your Interac debit card or mobile device is lost or stolen.
  5. Check your banking statements regularly and contact your bank or credit union immediately if you detect any unusual transactions.
  6. If you suspect anything unusual when using an ABM or point-of-sale terminal do not use the machine and report it to your bank or credit union or the ABM owner immediately.

Interac Contactless Payment Transaction Tip: You should be the only one to hold your card in front of a terminal to make a purchase.

What to do if there’s an issue

  1. Contact your bank or credit union to make a claim
  2. The institution will investigate
  3. You’ll be reimbursed for losses resulting beyond your reasonable control