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Interac Debit Chip and PIN

Pay safely and easily with your debit card

How to Pay with Interac Debit Chip and PIN

When you make a purchase using Interac® Debit, the merchant will enter your purchase amount into the Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal and hand it to you. Once you insert your debit card in the chip card reader, prompts will appear.

  • Confirm the transaction amount
  • Select the chequing or savings account from which you wish your purchase debited
  • Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Provide a final confirmation to send the transaction request for approval

In a matter of seconds your debit request is passed through the Interac network where your debit card is authenticated and required funds for purchase are verified by your financial institution.

Since Interac Debit is an online, real-time service, the debit is immediate. This means that the required funds must be available in your account at the time of purchase.


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