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FAQs for Business

Interac e-Transfer for Business

  • Help, I’m having trouble with a current transaction.

    Please contact your business bank or credit union for any troubleshooting support.

  • Can I use Interac e-Transfer for my business?

    Yes, you can use Interac e-Transfer for your business invoicing and payment needs if you bank with a participating bank or credit union. You need a Canadian online bank account and an email address or mobile phone number.

    If you are sending funds via Interac e-Transfer, your recipient will also need an email address or Canadian mobile phone number to receive the funds.

    Please visit our Interac e-Transfer for Business page for more information.

  • What types of business would use Interac e-Transfer?

    Businesses of any size can use Interac e-Transfer to simplify and accelerate payments, from independent consultants, to small businesses to enterprise-level organizations.

  • When would I use Interac e-Transfer?

    You can use Interac e-Transfer to pay employees, consultants and suppliers, and other business expenses, as long as the recipient has a Canadian bank account and email address or mobile phone number.

    The Interac e-Transfer Request Money feature is an easy way to invoice clients and customers. Request Money also facilitates easy-to-access records for accounting purposes. For more information, please visit our Request Money section.

    * Interac Tip: Make sure you check the option to send yourself a copy of the email or text notification for your invoice records.

    For added security and convenience, you can turn on Interac e-Transfer Autodeposit feature, found in the Interac e-Transfer section of your online banking page. Visit our Autodeposit section to learn how-to register.

  • How much does it cost to send money via Interac e-Transfer?

    Fees are set by individual banks and credit unions, please contact your business bank for pricing information.

Interac e-Transfer Request Money

Interac e-Transfer Autodeposit

Interac e-Transfer Bulk Disbursements

Interac Debit

Interac Flash

Interac Debit on mobile

Interac Online

  • Help, I’m having trouble with Interac Online.

    For any troubleshooting support, please contact your Interac Online financial institution.

  • What is Interac Online and how does it work?

    Interac Online is a secure payment system for Canadian e-Commerce. When a customer goes to checkout, a new browser window will open directing the customer to their online banking account. So you as the merchant never handle any confidential information.

    Please visit our Interac Online page for more information on how it works.

  • What if a customer doesn’t use online banking?

    Customers must be registered for online banking to use Interac Online.

    If a customer tries to check out with Interac Online, but isn’t enrolled in online banking, the customer’s bank or credit union may provide an option to register right away.

    The customer will also be provided with a link back to your website, so in the event he/she decides not to register for online banking, you can allow checkout via another payment method.

  • Why does the customer have to leave my website? What if they don’t come back?

    One of the main benefits of Interac Online is the separation of shopping and payment. The customer is taken to his or her online banking website to pay. This means the customer does not have to enter confidential account information on your website. Studies show customers have concerns over sharing financial or account details with online merchants.

    Once a payment is made via Interac Online, the browser will automatically redirect to your website. If the customer is unable to or decides not to authorize the payment through online banking, he/she is still brought back to your website, allowing you to continue checkout through a different payment method.

  • How do I handle refunds?

    Some Acquirers and payment service providers support Interac Online refunds. This allows you to credit the refund back into the bank account the customer used for the purchase.

    The refund policy is at your discretion. You always have the option to provide refunds through other mechanisms (e.g. providing a store credit or sending a cheque).

  • What is a chargeback and does Interac issue them?

    In the credit card world, an authorized transaction can be reversed. For example, if a fraudulent transaction has been charged to a customer’s account and the customer disputes the transaction. To avoid chargebacks, merchants often perform checks before accepting a transaction and refuse to accept it, if it appears suspicious. However, the transaction may actually be legitimate. This practice has the negative effect of preventing a valid customer from completing a purchase.

    Interac does not use or require chargebacks. The customer’s bank or credit union authorizes and guarantees each payment.

  • I have some other questions around Interac Online. How can I get more information?

    Any questions can be answered by your financial institution. You can find a list of participating financial institution on the Interac Online page.

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