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Interac Debit on Mobile

Leave your wallet and card at home with secure transactions on your smartphone

Check out in an instant the way you want: Interac® Debit on mobile lets you tap at checkout using your phone through Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

Simply load your Interac® debit card onto your mobile wallet. And the next time you dash out to grab milk or a snack, feel free to take just your phone. When you see that sign at checkout, tap your phone and you’re done.

How does Interac Debit on mobile work?

Check the list to confirm that your bank or credit union participates. Learn more below for tips on how to add your card to your mobile wallet.

How-To: Interac Debit on Apple Pay*

  1. Open your mobile wallet.
  2. Look for the (+) and follow the instructions to load up your card. (For Apple Wallet, you will see a prompt to add a debit card.)
  3. Make sure you have your Interac debit card selected before you tap. Happy checkout.

View Participating Financial Institutions

How-To: Interac Debit on Google Pay**

  1. Download Google Pay
  2. Tap the (+) and follow the instructions to add your card information. That’s it.

View Participating Financial Institutions

How-To: Interac Debit on Samsung Pay

  1. Once you’ve downloaded Samsung Pay onto your phone, sign into your account.
  2. Follow the instructions to add your Interac debit card and you’re good to go.

Just swipe up on the home screen, pick your card and use your fingerprint ID or type in your pin.

View Participating Financial Institutions

Tip: In-app & In-browser mobile payments

You can use Interac Debit to pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay at participating merchant mobile websites and apps. Learn more in our Interac Debit for In-App and In-Browser Payments section.

Leading digital security

Did you know that Interac has a global-leading track record in reducing payment fraud? When you pay with your mobile wallet, we replace your information with a secure token, so confidential details are never shared with a merchant or anyone else.

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