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How to Make e-Commerce Payments with INTERAC Debit

Interac Debit is your key to a variety of products and services available in-store, online or on the go. With Interac Debit, you can make purchases at a wide range of online storefronts with confidence that your information is secure thanks to our best-in-class security measures.

*Note that images and user screens displayed are for illustrative purposes only, appearance will differ based on the device you are using and your financial institution.

Before you begin to make a payment with Interac Debit e-Commerce payments, you’ll need:

  • A Canadian bank account with a participating financial institution
  • A debit card associated with your bank account, or a debit card provisioned in the digital wallet of your mobile phone or wearable device

Here’s what to do to make a payment with Interac Debit e-Commerce payments through digital wallets:

  1. When selecting your payment option at a participating merchant’s checkout, choose either Google Pay or Apple Pay depending on which you use.

  2. Image of checkout on mobile device
  3. Provide your authorization for the transaction to place the order.

    The method will vary depending on your preferences for the digital wallet service, but will require authentication through fingerprint, pattern, or passcode.

  4. Image of authorization on mobile device

To learn more about the many ways Interac Debit can help make paying for things easier, click here.