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Taking a look inside data privacy

Taking steps to help protect your personal data is more important now than ever before. We all have a role to play in understanding the wide (and wild) world of data privacy.

This resource is a space to learn and explore some of the ways you can manage your digital privacy and help keep your personal data safe.

Dive into our dictionary of common terms to help you decode and discuss the world of data privacy

Everyone wants to keep their personal data safe, but the world of data privacy is complex and can be confusing. Understanding commonly used terms can give you a better understanding of how to protect your personal information.

Here are some terms to help you understand the wide world of data privacy.

Delve into the dictionary

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The moment of sign-in: Are you confident or confused?

Signing in – the act of verifying your identity to access online services or activities – is something that you can often overlook when it comes to safeguarding your personal information online.

With new research commissioned by Interac, we learned about the most common methods Canadians are using to sign into websites or services, how much trust they place in different sign-in options, and how they want their personal information to be protected.

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See what Canadians are saying about data privacy

A majority of Canadians are concerned about the protection of their data and privacy online, but there are often inconsistencies in how – or even if – they’re taking action to safeguard their personal information. Interac has identified the moment of sign-in as a critical opportunity to protect privacy.

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7 in 10

want more control over their online information

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Only 6%

feel their personal information is being used for its intended purpose

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More than half

have used the same passwords across multiple websites

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would like more information to be readily available on how they can protect their personal information online

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Protecting you and your digital self

How many versions of yourself exist online? Learn how to secure your digital identity and help protect your personal information at the moment of sign-in.

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