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Unlocking the potential of the digital economy in Canada

Interac Verified offers a suite of secure verification and authentication solutions that enables Canadians to have convenient digital access to participating government and business services that require personal data verification.

The benefits of user-centric digital verification.

Easy & convenient user experience

Our digital verification process can be completed remotely using your personal computer or mobile devices. Interac Verified delivers a convenient and secure way to verify yourself. 

Less friction, faster verification

Digital verification can speed up the process when you are required to verify your data, allowing you to access services and information quickly without the need for physical documentation or in-person visits.

Better digital access

Speed up access to the products and services you need with simple, secure digital options to confirm your data and get access to participating government and business services that require personal data verification.

Greater choice

Interac Verified adds a new choice for Canadians wanting to access digital services. Our solutions complement existing methods of authentication to ensure Canadians have options that are right for them.

Enabling growth in the digital

Leveraging decades of experience in delivering secure payments, Interac Verified enables businesses to digitally verify potential customer and client data to deliver faster, more efficient, and convenient access to online services.

Interac enables secure digital transactions with the launch of Interac Verified

In today’s digital economy, there is a heightened need for solutions that allow consumers and service providers to interact digitally while safeguarding personal data, reducing fraud and satisfying compliance requirements. Interac Verified delivers a suite of solutions that enable Canadians to digitally verify their data to access services offered by participating businesses and governments.

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Make digital life easier from anywhere, with Interac Verified

Picture this: Sometime in the not-too-distant future, you’re nervous (but excited!) about relocating to a new city for a big career opportunity. There’s a lot of planning to do, and changes to manage.

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Learn more about verification solutions and how they can create value for all Canadians.

Interac sign-in service

A secure, private and convenient way to sign in to online government services without having to create and manage a new user ID and password.

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Interac verification service

Interac verification service provides Canadians with the option to use existing login credentials with a participating financial institution2 for secure digital verification of their data to get faster and more convenient access to participating services that require personal data confirmation.

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Interac document verification service

Interac document verification service offers Canadians the option to digitally confirm their identity using a liveness check and accepted forms of government documents3 using their mobile phones. Get fast and convenient access to participating digital government and business services that require identity verification.

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1For a list of participating banks or credit unions that can be used to log in to the Interac sign-in service, click here.
2For a list of participating banks or credit unions that can be used to log in or access the Interac verification service, click here.
3For full list of government-issued documents eligible for verification by the Interac document verification service, click here.