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Interac® document verification service

Enable your customers to verify themselves using their phone and government-issued photo ID.

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Fast and reliable verification.

With Interac document verification service, your customers can quickly and securely verify themselves using their passport or driver’s licence.

How it works.

Customer selects a document type when prompted to verify themselves.

Customer takes a photo of their ID

Customer takes a selfie

Verification complete

Safety and security. 

Advanced technology

Our secure technology allows us to verify individuals with accuracy. 

Fraud prevention

Interac document verification service was built with strong security protocols at its core, helping protect your business and customers from fraud.

Top frequently asked questions.

  • What is Interac document verification service?

    Interac document verification service helps businesses verify customers’ identity using select government-issued photo ID and facial biometrics. Interac document verification service is built with secure technology at its core to help protect your customers and your business from fraud.

  • What do I use Interac document verification service for?

    When online services require proof of identity, Interac document verification service enables your customers to securely verify that they have a valid government-issued photo ID. It’s an easy and secure way to help confirm that your customers are who they say they are.

  • How does Interac document verification service work?

    When your customers verify themselves online using Interac document verification service, they will be prompted to take a photo of their government-issued photo ID (driver’s licence or passport) and a selfie to confirm their identity. The service uses one-time facial biometric analysis that’s powered by market-leading technology.

  • Which ID types are accepted?

    At this time, our technology can be configured to supports the verification of up to 33 different key Canadian federal and provincially issued identification documents – with more to come! Depending on the participating service provider’s use case, supported documents may include:

    • Passports (Canadian issued and select foreign passports)
    • Driver’s licenses (all 13 provinces and territories)
    • Provincial Photo ID cards (all provinces and territories; excluding Quebec)
    • Indian status card
    • Permanent residency cards
    • Veteran’s Service Card
    • Photo health card (British Columbia, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Quebec – if permitted by regulation).

    ​Your organization will have the ability to manage and control the document options available for your clients. ​

    Your clients may not see all the options available listed when they are using the Interac document verification service.  This is because the participating service provider may opt to request select document types and/or the collection of certain document types (i.e. health cards) may be restricted in some jurisdictions.


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