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Interac e-Transfer® for Business

Level up your business and simplify the way you manage invoicing, payroll, and deposits with an easy-to-use payment solution.

Ways to use Interac e-Transfer for Business.

Streamline employee, contractor, vendor, and customer payments with Interac e-Transfer.

It’s simple to manage payments to and from multiple recipients quickly and safely with Interac e-Transfer Bulk processing services.

Interac e-Transfer Bulk Payables allows you to send money to multiple recipients using an easy and secure file upload capability that supports commercial payments and high-volume transactions.
For more information, please contact your financial institution:

Interac e-Transfer Bulk Receivables makes it easy to invoice your customers or clients and receive guaranteed funds with no chargebacks. It also simplifies the process for anyone to transfer payments to your business.
For more information, please contact your financial institution:


  • Comply with ISO 20022 global standards with rich remittance data, enabling interoperability for ease of integration between ERP systems/accounting applications.
  • Payments are quick with no cut-off times for submission.
  • High volume and limits for commercial needs, allowing up to 10,000 transactions per file with higher dollar value per transaction.

Bulk Disbursements allows you to make multiple payments at once via Interace-Transfer to streamline your payroll and supplier payment system.
For more information, please contact your financial institution.

Why use Interac e-Transfer for payments?

Real time & immediate

Send and receive payments with immediate confirmation. That means fast access to funds and better management of your liquidity.

Higher transaction limits

Higher transaction limits up to $25,000* to minimize the need for wires, cheques and electronic funds transfers.

Less paperwork

Rich remittance data allows you to reconcile transactions with less reliance on paperwork to streamline your records.

Participating Financial Institutions

Send payments in real-time with account number routing.

Receive payments in real-time with account number routing.

  • Participation eligibility and suspension criteria

    The below sets out a high-level summary of eligibility criteria for participation in Interac e-Transfer (the “Service”) and a summary of circumstances in which a Participant may be suspended from the Service. In addition to the eligibility criteria summarized below, Participants are required to meet all the requirements (including technical requirements) found in the Service’s governing documents. If your organization fits within the eligibility criteria below and would like to discuss participation in Interac’s services, please contact

    The following financial institutions are eligible to become Participants on the Interac e-Transfer service:

    • providing regulated financial services in Canada as:
      • a bank; or
      • both a FINTRAC-registered Money Service Business and investment dealer regulated by the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization;
    • a Central Cooperative Credit Society, a Cooperative Credit Association or a local cooperative credit society;
    • a foreign bank operating at least one full-service branch in Canada;
    • a foreign life insurance company; or
    • a trustee of a qualified trust.

    Participants may be suspended from the Service where: the Participant no longer meets the Service’s participation criteria, the Participant has committed a material breach of its obligations, the Participant is in financial default, or the Participant is experiencing technical problems which prevent the Participant from properly participating in the Service.

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Secure Transactions

Interac e-Transfer for Business is secured by a robust set of security measures including multiple-factor authentication and secure passwords.

Protect Your Payments

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*Sending limits will vary by participant and accounts within each participant.