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Diversity and Inclusion

Statement of Intention

In 2019, Interac embarked upon an ambitious Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiative built on the following Statement of Intention:

We are united by our pride in the Interac brand. Creating a safe, equity-informed, and inclusive workplace where every employee has the opportunity to excel. As one team, we are committed to building an equitable, accessible, and prosperous community for all Canadians.

Guiding Principles & Active Implementation

The Interac Program recognizes 8 dimensions of demographic and cognitive diversity and will be implemented through 8 types of initiatives, all of which are designed to promote fair treatment, equal access to opportunities and organizational flexibility.

8 dimensions of demographic and cognitive diversity

Full Corporate Commitment

The program has full buy-in from the Executive Committee and individual initiatives are staffed by teams of employee volunteers.

Our pledge is to embed it in our employee life cycle practices; to exhibit it as a core component of our culture; and to partner with like-minded organizations to bring about positive change.


Learn more about the D&I program at Interac and access the 2019-2020 Diversity & Inclusion Report here.


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