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Withdraw cash whenever you need

When you need to withdraw cash, we’re here for you 24/7

With ABMs across the country, when you need cash in a hurry, Interac Debit ABM withdrawals are secure and convenient. Find the ABM closest to you here.

Insert your debit card and follow the prompts on the screen. They may be slightly different depending on the ABM service, but you will likely see the below:

  1. Enter the withdrawal amount.
  2. Select the account to use.
  3. Enter your PIN (personal identification number).
  4. Confirm the withdrawal request.

Your request travels securely through the Inter-Member Network and your bank or credit union verifies the requested funds are available.

Note: Any bill payment or deposit services are offered via your bank or credit union, or the ABM operator. You’ll need to contact your bank or credit union with any questions about these services.

How do Interac fees work?

We’re here for you, so we keep our fees as low as possible. Banks and ABM operators may add a surcharge or “convenience fee” on top for their services. Learn more here.

International Travellers to Canada

The Interac Corp. International ABM Service enables foreign cardholders to withdraw cash at participating Canadian ABMs while visiting Canada.

Currently, over 60% of Canadian ABMs participate in the International ABM service.

Three payment networks currently participate in the service today. Travellers to Canada holding a card from one of these payment networks can identify participating ABMs through the display of the following logos:


Need Support?

Have more questions or need some help around ABM withdrawals?

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