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Interac e-Transfer®: Easy. Fast. Secure.

A convenient way to send and receive money.

Securely send and receive your money anytime, to any Canadian bank account with Interac e-Transfer.

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Focus on your day and receive funds directly into your account with Interac e-Transfer Autodeposit.

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Simplify your life and send money requests easily with the Interac e-Transfer Request Money feature.

Send money internationally

Send money internationally from your Canadian account with Interac e-Transfer (available through National Bank).

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Unlock more features and possibilities with the security and convenience of Interac e-Transfer.

Send and receive money securely.

We take the safety of your money seriously. Our privacy and fraud mitigation technology ensures the safety of every Interac e-Transfer transaction, whether you’re sending or receiving money. Learn more about our security measures and discover additional steps to ensure the security of your Interac e-Transfer transaction.

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Learn more about how Interac e-Transfer can simplify your everyday life, allowing you to send and receive money anytime to any Canadian bank account.

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  • Participation eligibility and suspension criteria

    The below sets out a high-level summary of eligibility criteria for participation in Interac e-Transfer (the “Service”) and a summary of circumstances in which a Participant may be suspended from the Service. In addition to the eligibility criteria summarized below, Participants are required to meet all the requirements (including technical requirements) found in the Service’s governing documents. If your organization fits within the eligibility criteria below and would like to discuss participation in Interac’s services, please contact

    The following financial institutions are eligible to become Participants on the Interac e-Transfer service:

    • providing regulated financial services in Canada as:
      • a bank; or
      • both a FINTRAC-registered Money Service Business and investment dealer regulated by the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization;
    • a Central Cooperative Credit Society, a Cooperative Credit Association or a local cooperative credit society;
    • a foreign bank operating at least one full-service branch in Canada;
    • a foreign life insurance company; or
    • a trustee of a qualified trust.

    Participants may be suspended from the Service where: the Participant no longer meets the Service’s participation criteria, the Participant has committed a material breach of its obligations, the Participant is in financial default, or the Participant is experiencing technical problems which prevent the Participant from properly participating in the Service.

  • Disclaimers

    Number of Agent locations may vary.

    Availability subject to your participating financial institution’s policies. Please contact your participating financial institution for details.

    Availability subject to participating financial institution’s policies and online banking functionality.

    Funds may be delayed or services unavailable based on certain transaction conditions, including amount sent, destination country, currency availability, regulatory issues, identification requirements, Agent location hours, differences in time zones, or selection of delayed options. Additional Restrictions may apply.

    A test question may be required for some or all money transfers received in certain international destinations, and in those destinations, the recipient may be required to provide either valid identification or the correct answer to the test question, or both, to receive the funds. Please contact your participating financial institution for details.

    Payments will be made in the currency of the destination country (except in a limited number of instances where payment is made in U.S. dollars or other currency through a Western Union Agent in the destination country). There are no additional recipient fees, unless otherwise noted. Please contact your participating financial institution for details.

    Pre-confirmed recipient amounts will not be provided for certain countries. In any such case, you will be notified in advance. Please contact your participating financial institution for details. Western Union also makes money on currency exchange.

    *The WESTERN UNION name, logo and related trademarks and service marks are owned by Western Union Holdings, Inc. Used with permission.

    Interac e-Transfer Disclosure: Bank of Canada Prominent Payment Systems Risk-Management Standards