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As small businesses reopen under different dimensions and safety measures, we are continuously inspired by the resilience and adaptability of small business owners. Small businesses play a crucial role in strengthening our communities, and our social media campaign aims to highlight our support for local businesses across Canada.

We encourage everyone to share their favourite local business signs using the hashtag #WelcomeBack and tagging @Interac.

How to support local businesses

Here are some of our favourite ways to support local businesses.

Shop Local

The most popular and likely the most gratifying method. Support the reopening of some of your favourite small businesses using our #WelcomeBack filter

Write Reviews

Customer opinions help businesses gain reputation and trust!

Support on Social

As simple as it is effective, likes and follows can help skyrocket a local business.

Tell Your Family/Friends

For a small business, positive word-of-mouth has a huge impact.

Online Classes/Services

A great way to support your local skills instructors or freelancers.

Discover Interac

We continue to help move Canada’s digital economy forward.

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Need Support?

Visit our Support for Business section for FAQs and other helpful resources.

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