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Save Small Businesses

Our lower fees* can help save small businesses money.

October is Small Business Month and one easy way to support your favourite businesses is to pay with Interac® Debit. Why? Our low fees could help save small businesses money*.

There are countless expenses that businesses must cover and credit card fees can really add up. Imagine if your favourite small businesses could use that extra money to hire more employees, buy new equipment or simply keep the lights on. One small payment choice can have a big impact on your local coffee shop, pizza parlour or pet store.

This small business month, help support your favourite local businesses by paying with Interac Debit.

*Relative to most Canadian credit cards.

The Pink Studio

The Pink Studio is a dance and fitness studio, designed to empower and support people of all shapes and sizes. Their mission is to create a space in the community that is welcoming and empowering, no matter what size you are and no matter your fitness level.
If all of The Pink Studio’s customers paid with Interac Debit, the business would save $5,199/yr. They could use the funds towards growing the studio and spreading their body positivity message even further.

Learn more about The Pink Studio here.

Parkdale Pet Foods

Parkdale Pet Foods is an independent neighbourhood pet food and supply store. Its mission is to keep pets fed, happy and healthy. If all their customers paid with Interac Debit, the business would save $394 each month. With the savings, Parkdale Pet Foods could start a program to help feed and care for pets in the local community.

Learn more about Parkdale Pet Foods here.

Eva’s Original Chimneys

Eva’s Original Chimneys was founded in Toronto by Eva’s grandson Justin and his wife Kristin to bring their treasured family treat to Canada. They serve ice cream in delicious, freshly baked pastries called Chimney Cakes. If all of Eva’s customers paid with Interac Debit, the business would save $30,218/yr which they could put towards opening more locations across Canada.

Learn more about Eva’s Original Chimneys here.

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