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You might be able to recall exciting milestones from your business, but have you ever taken the time to write them down? Whether it’s making your first dollar or winning an award, taking the time to celebrate your accomplishments can help to achieve future business goals.

In this episode, we hear from expert financial therapist Aseel El-Baba about the impact replaying your wins has on your future success and how it can help to overcome impostor syndrome, a phenomenon that impacts up to 82% of people. Aseel also shares easy ways to keep track of your wins, and the importance of playing them back from time to time.

  • Episode Transcript

    Episode ten, Playback the Wins.

    Have you ever taken the time to write down a list of your top ten greatest hit moments? From milestones like earning your first dollar as a business, landing a big order, getting your first five star review from someone you don’t know, to winning an award?

    In this final episode of chapter two, Mind over Money, we’re making time to celebrate the wins. Financial therapist, Aseel El-Baba, shares how believing in yourself can play an important part in achieving your business goals. Let’s dive

    Aseel El-Baba: Getting in the habit of visualizing yourself achieving a goal or overcoming an obstacle can be a powerful way to reduce stress and achieve success. You might do this by creating a vision board with a picture that represents what you hope to achieve and following that with a series of actions you must take to achieve them. While the vision board looks to the future, having something you can look back on as a reminder of your past wins can be just as important.

    According to the Journal of General Internal Medicine, up to 82% people face feelings of the imposter phenomenon most commonly referred to as the imposter syndrome. This is especially common among high performing overachievers who are quick to overlook their successes. They set a bar so high, and when they come close, they move the bar even higher.

    That’s where your greatest hits list comes in.

    You can use this as a tool to refer back to in moments where your confidence is wavering. Make a list of your top ten greatest hits moment. This forces you to spend time thinking about your achievement and gives you something to come back to when imposter feelings creep in. Keep it in null on your phone for easy access.

    Aseel El-Baba: And if you need help creating a reminder to celebrate the successes of your business, check out Chapter Two, Mind Over Money, at the link in the description to download your template with prompts to help you set achievable goals for yourself and encourage you to play back the win.

    That’s all for our tips on the Mind over Money chapter. If you haven’t already, check out the Chapter One, Pay and Get Paid, and be sure to visit to learn more about the ins and outs of staying calm and in control of your business.

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