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Just as you would schedule a checkup with a doctor, it’s a great idea to set yourself reminders to perform periodic digital security self-assessments (say, once a quarter).

It won’t take you much time (especially after you get the hang of it), and it could save you a lot of trouble if it prevents you from falling victim to even one fraud attempt. In this episode, you’ll hear about our step-by-step guide to performing a digital security self-checkup for entrepreneurs, in four key areas where you could be vulnerable.

  • Episode Transcript

    Social media privacy settings? Check. Multi factor authentication? Enabled. New email password? How about g zero j at sign y dollar sign g zero? No one’s guessing that.

    Creating passwords that are a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters is something you’ll do as part of a digital self checkup for your business. It’s a good practice to give yourself a security checkup every once in a while.

    Think of it this way. You know it’s a good idea to get checkups for your overall health, your teeth, and your eyesight. Well, same goes for digital security and fraud prevention.

    In this episode of From Dollar One, presented by Interac, we’re talking about why a periodic security self checkup is just good business hygiene. Keep listening to learn about a free resource to help you get started. Sure, it’ll take you a bit of time, but if it prevents you from falling victim to even one fraud attempt, it could save you a lot of trouble. So it’s worth investing the time to do it.

    As for how to get started, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. If you visit and go to chapter three, which is all about security for your business, you can download a free digital security self assessment checklist for entrepreneurs. It gives you step by step instructions on how to protect yourself in four areas where you could be vulnerable.

    What are the four areas? Glad you asked.

    Number one, social media. For a lot of entrepreneurs, you pretty much are your social media alter ego, and social media might be the main way you reach new customers. So the last thing you wanna do is lose control over your accounts.

    Number two, electronic devices like laptops and smartphones. Is anyone besides you using them? A contractor or a part time employee, maybe? You’ve got to make sure you remain in control over the security of your electronic devices.

    Three, cloud data. Are you storing sensitive information about your business in the cloud? How about your customers’ data? Our checklist shares a couple of things you can do about it, including getting external advice.

    Last and maybe the most important area to protect, your email and bank accounts. These two access points are really at the centre of your digital existence, so it’s essential to make sure you’re doing everything you can, like updating your passwords and enabling multi factor authentication to lock them down.

    There’s no time like now to get started. Visit us today and download the checklist to take charge of your business’s digital security. Read the full chapter to get related tips, like how to create a password that no one would ever guess, and how to use Interact products to help safeguard your business.

    That’s the subject of our next episode. See you then.


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