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As a busy business owner, you’re dealing with a lot of expectations and, at times, stressful situations.

In this episode, we hear from expert financial therapist Aseel El-Baba, who unpacks how breathing techniques can calm your nervous system and help to reduce stress and anxiety. You’ll learn about box breathing, a breath work exercise that is simple to accomplish, wherever you are. Aseel recommends trying this exercise before starting a new task to feel more confident and in-charge.

  • Episode Transcript

    Episode nine, Get Grounded.

    This is from Dollar One, presented by Interac.

    Breathing. It’s the essence of life, and a growing number of studies show that breathing techniques can help reduce stress and anxiety and even improve attention. For the busy business owners managing pressures from every corner, grounding techniques like box breathing can help by gently distracting your mind, calming your nervous system, and reducing stress. What exactly is a grounding technique? Let’s turn it over to our expert financial therapist, Aseel El-Baba, to learn more.

    Aseel El-Baba: Grounding techniques are ways to help bring you back down to earth when you’re feeling caught up in anxiety. They can help you stay in the present moment and refocus your attention on the things that are achievable right now.

    One of my favourite grounding techniques is box breathing. Box breathing, also known as the four square breathing, is a simple breathwork exercise that consists of a series of four breaths over four seconds each. All you have to do is breathe in four seconds, hold your breath for four seconds, breathe out for four seconds, and hold that for four seconds, and repeat. How about we give that one a try here?

    Try your best to relax, and breathe in three, two, one. Hold for three, two, one. Breathe out for three, two, one. Hold for three, two, one. So breathe in for three, two, one. Hold three, two, one, breathe out three, two, one, and hold three, two, one.

    Aseel El-Baba: Box breathing doesn’t only have to be used in moments of high stress. You can apply it before starting a new task to feel more confident and in charge, like managing your finances. Setting aside time and energy to focus on your administrative and operational tasks regularly and initiating these tasks with simple breathing techniques can help give you a stronger sense of control. And when you feel in control and in charge, it means you can make more confident, informed decisions for yourself and your business.

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