Interac - Interac Flash

How do I know which of my accounts will be debited?

Your purchases will be debited from the saving or chequing account associated with your Interac debit card.

Can the information on my card be stolen, even if the card is in a purse or wallet?

The security built into the chip within your card protects you against this type of fraudulent activity. The chip uses processing power and cryptography that protect your card from skimming and counterfeiting.

How do I track purchases made using INTERAC Flash? Will I be able to get receipts?

Each transaction will be itemized on your bank statement with the rest of your Interac Debit transactions. Upon request, a merchant can provide a receipt for a purchase made with Interac Flash, just as they do with regular Interac Debit transactions.

What protections are in place in the instance of fraud?

You are protected under the Interac Zero Liability Policy from any losses due to unauthorized transactions. If your card is lost or stolen, contact your financial institution immediately.

Are there fees for using INTERAC Flash?

Interac Corp. does not charge fees directly to cardholders. Fees, if any, are set by the financial institutions who issue your debit card.