Interac - FAQs

For security purposes, your financial institution may ask you to enter a one-time Verification Code to confirm your identity. This code is a unique series of numbers and/or letters that you can choose to receive via email or text. If prompted, please select how you wish to receive the one-time Verification Code and then enter that code into the appropriate field. For Apple Watch, you will need to enter the Verification Code for the Card you are adding by going to "Wallet & Apple Pay" in the Apple Watch app on your supported device. Please note that you will need a working Internet or data connection to receive a one-time Verification Code.

Your one-time Verification Code may expire if you are not able to enter it within 10 minutes. You can request another code by selecting your preferred verification option again, contacting your financial institution by calling the number of the back of your card or using your financial institutions mobile banking app. If you are unable to get a one-time Verification Code, please contact your financial institution by calling the number on the back of your Card.

You may also be asked to call your bank who will activate your Interac debit card on Apple Pay on your behalf.