Interac - FAQs

No. While it is possible to pay for things using any of these Interac branded services, Interac e-Transfer is different because it is a way to electronically transfer money directly from one party to another. As such, the service has some of the advantages and disadvantages of paying with cash.

Once a transfer has been deposited, it cannot be cancelled or reversed.

Like using cash, you should send money transfers only to parties you know and trust. For most uses of the Interac e-Transfer service (sending money to family and friends, repaying IOUs, sending monetary gifts, etc.), you know the recipient well. For uses where you may not know the receiver well (e.g., online auction purchases), take the precautions you would take when making cash purchases. For auctions and online purchases, be sure to read and follow steps as recommended by operators of these websites to protect your money.