Interac - FAQs

In order to appear authentic, fraudsters may present employment agreements, websites and other types of information, for example, a detailed contract, outline of employee job responsibilities, compensation, etc. While, these websites and employment agreements may present an appearance of legitimacy, spelling errors or the use of odd wording may be a sign that the operation is not a legitimate one.

Tips to Protect Yourself

Offers of easy money are often too good to be true. A web-based job that requires you to move funds outside Canada could be a front for an illegal operation. While the opportunity may look appealing, you may end up being subject to criminal prosecution for your role in the operation.

Check any employment-related information for unusual phrasing and look for misspelled words. If you are suspicious, check with local law enforcement.

Stay aware by checking the following sources of information about fraud: (Reporting Economic Crime Online) (Financial Consumer Agency of Canada) (Industry Canada)