Interac - FAQs

Interac Debit and Interac Flash help you  take control of your finances and can help you avoid overspending. It’s like using cash, only more secure, as the money is exchanged electronically between your bank and the merchant.

Interac Debit and Interac Flash transactions occur  online (versus offline) and in real time so you can always keep track of your spending – all transactions must be card-present and approved by your financial institution (versus by the terminal and then sent to your financial institution for account posting) and appear instantly on your personal banking account records, allowing you to monitor your account balance to see exactly how much money you have available.

We know that security is important to you. Chip-enabled Interac Debit and Interac Flash cards are extremely secure and are protected from fraud tactics such as skimming, duplicating and electronic pick-pocketing.  Given the possible available data is payment transaction codes, not account-related details, and transactions are online and in real-time, no information can be captured by criminals to conduct fraudulent transactions or create identity theft.  You are also protected under Interac’s Zero Liability policy. 

If you would like a little more proof about our commitment to security, just look at how successful we’ve been in tackling Interac debit card fraud  - it’s plummeted by 70 per cent in the last two years to the lowest point since first recorded.  And, we’re not done yet.