Interac - Current Fees


Current fees
set by Interac Corp.


Switch Fee

ProductSwitch FeeEffective Date
Interac Cash $0.008414 April 1, 2019
Interac Debit (including Interac Flash, in-app and in-browser payments) $0.008000 November 1, 2018


Interac Debit for in-app and in-browser payments

Acquirer service fee All applicable transactions
*Includes Switch Fee


Interchange Fee

ProductInterchange FeeApplicability
Interac Cash $0.75 flat-fee Per completed cash withdrawal transaction paid by Issuer to Acquirer
Interac Debit  $0.00 Not applicable
Interac Flash $0.02 - $0.035 flat-fee Per completed purchase transaction, and based on qualifying tier of merchant from which transactions originate; paid by Acquirer to Issuer
Interac Debit in-app and in-browser payments 60 basis points capped at a transaction value of $300
Above transaction value of $300 there is a flat fee of $1.80
All eligible transactions


Interac Flash Interchange Pricing Structure

TiersFlat-FeeQualification Criteria
Tier 1 Low-ticket merchants $0.020 Merchants in segments with an average Interac Debit transaction size below $20.
Qualifying segments:
  • Fast Food Restaurants (MCC 5814)
  • Convenience Stores (MCC 5499)
  • Movie Theatres (MCC 7832)
  • Variety Stores (MCC 5331)
  • Bakeries (MCC 5462)
  • Dairy Product Stores (MCC 5451)
  • Charitable and Social Service Organizations (MCC 8389)
Tier 2 High volume merchants $0.025 Merchants that meet a minimum annual transaction volume threshold. From April 18, 2018, the transaction volume threshold is 20 million Interac Flash transactions, based on transaction volume in the previous calendar year.
Tier 3 All other merchants $0.035 Standard interchange rate that applies to all other merchants.

Interac Online Acquirer Service Fees

Completed purchases < $35 Tier 1 ($0.00 to $15.00) $0.115
Tier 2: ($15.01 to $35.00) $0.265
Completed purchases > $35 Standard $0.465
Utilities $0.415
Education $0.365
Government $0.365
Charity $0.365
Financial/remittances $0.765
All other transactions Including declined purchases, refunds and administrative transactions $0.015
International Processing Fee Fee applied to the total CDN dollar value for all Interac Online purchases completed
at online merchants that operate outside of Canada
150 bps

*Interac Corp. will review and establish Tier 2 volume thresholds on an annual basis.

*All fees are subject to applicable taxes.