Interac Flash®

for Consumers

Interac Flash®, an enhancement of Interac Debit, allows you to pay for everyday purchases quickly, securely and conveniently. 

What is Interac Flash?

Interac Flash, the contactless payment functionality of Interac Debit, has all the benefits of Interac Debit but it allows you to pay for smaller purchases faster and easier.  When making a purchase for less than $100, you can choose to use the functionality by simply holding your card in front of a supporting reader at check out. Your purchases will be deducted instantly from your bank account. The transaction uses chip processing and relies on the same secure network as your Interac Debit card. No need to insert your card or enter your PIN. No more searching for bills or waiting for change. With Interac Flash instead of cash, it's like you're ready with the exact change every time.

How does Interac Flash work?

Using your Interac Debit card, you can choose to make smaller purchases using Interac Debit or Interac Flash. Cards that are enabled with Interac Flash will feature this  symbol. Look for the Interac Flash logo on contactless readers at check out and follow these steps:

  1. Hold your card  no more than 4 cm in front of the reader
  2. A beep and/or “approved” message on the terminal will acknowledge your transaction is complete.

It’s that simple. 

Your purchase is then automatically debited from your bank account - typically the account you normally use for Interac Debit transactions. This means that you can use your regular financial records to track all of your Interac Flash purchases.  


Your spending limits

There are transaction limits for purchases made using Interac Flash, which are set by your financial institution. A single transaction can’t exceed $100. If your purchase is above this limit, you will be prompted to insert your card and enter your PIN.

As an added layer of protection, there may also be a cumulative spend limit for Interac Flash transactions. This is the sum of all contactless transactions made with your card since the last time you entered your PIN. When this limit is reached, you will be asked to insert your card and enter your PIN. This will reset your limit so you can continue to use Interac Flash.

Where can I use Interac Flash?

Interac Flash is available at an ever growing list of merchant locations across Canada. 

Interac Flash is currently offered by a number of financial institutions. Other Canadian financial institutions are also working to provide their customers with Interac Flash soon.


Interac Flash is built with security in mind

Not all contactless technologies are created equally so here’s why you are protected using Interac Flash.  Interac Flash uses secure chip processing and does not rely on the magnetic stripe.  As an enhancement of Interac Debit, Interac Flash provides you with all the security benefits associated with Interac Debit, including protection against skimming, counterfeiting, replay fraud and electronic pickpocketing. 

  • Interac Flash uses chip technology.
  • Exclusive functionality and security unique to Interac Flash protect every transaction.
  • The Interac Zero Liability Policy protects you from unauthorized transactions*.
  • Spending limits provide an added layer of protection by prompting you to enter your PIN when your limit is reached. This will validate that you are the legitimate cardholder.

Check out this graph to learn more:


* Protection applies to losses resulting from circumstances beyond the cardholder's control. Some conditions apply. Click here to read more about the Interac Zero Liability Policy.

 The Contactless Indicator is a trade-mark of EMV Co. LLC.  Used under license.