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Interac Flash

Mobile Interac Flash brings secure, contactless debit transactions to mobile devices through your financial institution's mobile banking applications. Mobile Interac Flash builds on the existing functionality and security of Interac Flash contactless debit technology. It offers strong consumer protections such as transaction limits, passcode verification and zero customer liability. This means that Canadians, regardless of their mobile network, will be able to choose to use Interac Flash on their mobile devices as long as their financial institution supports mobile Interac Flash, their device hardware (e.g., NFC) supports it, and the mobile payment wallet application supports mobile Interac Flash.

Mobile Interac Flash is currently available through Scotiabank and RBC’s proprietary mobile wallets. It can also be used on Mobile Pay, a new service that allows members of participating credit unions to make secure Interac Flash transactions with their mobile devices. Mobile Pay is now available through the following Canadian credit union’s mobile applications:


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